How we achieve an additional $50,000 in savings annually

First let’s be clear. We do not live on tins of baked beans or substitute gravel for toilet paper. Ouch! Secondly the $50,000 in additional savings we are accumulating is not from any increase in income or side gigs. Our savings are purely from implementing smarter ways and choices to legally keep more money in our pockets instead of others. Thirdly, we’re not special. We have the same amount of time and days in a week to do everything we need to do just like you. Lastly we also each have average incomes. Disclosure we pay ourselves $73,060 (after tax) or $100,000 gross annually. So how did we do it? How could we find these  additional $50,000 in savings annually (we already save one income of $100,000 annually) without cutting back on our necessities and quality of life? More importantly how can you achieve these levels of savings or more for you? The short answer is “You can, just like us”. You simply need to decide on what you want, identify the price, and decide if you are willing to pay a…

85% of What We Worry About Never Happens!

In a study participants were asked to write down their worries over an extended period of time and then identify which of their imagined misfortunes did not actually happen.
The results? Researchers discovered that 85% of what subjects worried about never eventuated.
Of the 15% that did.......79% of the participants said they could either handle the difficulty better than expected, or the difficulty helped them overcome a previous limitation.
The ah ha !!!!!
97% of what worries and distracts you from being more present, engaged and self confident is no more than a fearful mind trying to override your decisions.

This post was written by Peter Horsfield, as such they are his personal views. Peter helps you to focus on what’s most important, the right strategies at the right time. To learn more about How to become Financially Independent visit Peter Horsfield Smart Advice

About Peter Horsfield

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What does business success mean to you?

Money is a really powerful thing – it has the power to help us destroy, or to massively improve the world, depending on how we handle it. Business success, is the ability to walk our talk and help many others to live their ideal life worry free too. Most importantly, caring about how much of a better world all of us will get to live in. If we all get better at managing our money. The evidence of our  success, is the examples of empowerment and hope others experience themselves; that they can also make a positive change to their own lives and be an inspiration for change to others. Success means Simplifying financial success for those we help. Financial independence is not that hard!Removing the emotional, psychological, financial barriers impeding individuals success.Empowering individuals to act i.e. to heighten their chancees of successDoing more of the activities aligned to your core values so to experience a higher quality of life.Enjoy work more because you are no longer doing it …

Getting From Fear to Fearless

Sadly many of us only know how to live life in fear, without knowing how to escape it. We’re even schooled and educated to believe that fear is excellent motivator and a catalyst to our “success”. “Use you fear for motivation” and “Fear is a good thing because it keeps you alive”. Fear, shame, and guilt in some circles is even promoted as good and to be our trusted battle cries to get us off our butts and move forward towards our goals. Being fearless is a total game changer and is even more important than having a pair when facing our fears.
Don’t get me wrong. Our fears are big mother f***er, knuckle dragging, fork tongued, devil horned shadows morphing out of the darkness that supernaturally dredge up feelings of insecurity, intimidation and judgement. It’s just that our fears are only emotional shadows. My take on it is our fears are a kind of unsettling twitching feeling we get from our evolved ego self-survival muscle we’ve been developing over the span of our life and all our …

Please explain! Financial Jargon Decoded

Happy Australian Day and Happy Chinese New Year.

May your year ahead be filled with prosperity, blessings, luck happiness and joy.

And to all our earlier Australian immigrants in order of immigration Aboriginals, Torres Straight Islanders, Convicts, Free settlers, Gold Prospectors, Farmers, Post WW1 & WW2 Immigrants, 10 pound POM's, New Zealander's, SE Asians, Stan's, NE Asians, African's, Chinese and more recent arrivals, thank you for creating and defending the opportunities we are blessed with today.

Today Australia still remains the lucky country and I believe will remain so, long into all our futures. Even our National Anthem is awesome! STRAYA

However did you know......

Interview with Pauline 

Me: Pauline did you know you can speak Chinese? 

Pauline: Please explain!

Me: Did you know that the Aussie saying "Fair Dinkum" actually comes form the early Chinese gold prospectors of Australia. The Chinese (Cantonese) prospectors would say their strike was …

Spend Less & Travel More

I love to travel and I like to save too.  In fact when you visit my office in Cairns you'll find a big world map on the wall, inspiring us of new places to plan for and to experience next. This weekend 27th January I'm heading to Japan's Nozawa Onsen for a 10 day ski trip with friends.  It's going to be epic! However the constant of conversations between the sirens of travel and my voices of reason to save more, are an ever present and constant chatter within my head. So to the age old chestnut of a question. How can we travel and also save? Before we continue l should disclose some of pet hates when on holidays. 1. Being a 24/7 tight arse. Penny pinching, wasting time searching between shops, restaurants, or tour companies to find the best or cheapest  deal while on holidays is not only a waste of time, it also totally kills the vibe of one's holidays. Which is to have fun, personal growth and new experiences 2. Rushing & trying to do to much. Sure we want to…